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20210130 | Paddy’s Flats (Riverview, Sulfur Springs, Elbow Valley Trail) | 1682 max | 1459 TH | 11.1 km| 361 TA | w/Shannon

A loop from parking along hwy 66 at Paddy’s Flats. An area I have zoomed by hundreds of times but never stopped. Trails were all hard packed, so microspiked for the day. Riverview was pretty but we only dropped to the river in one place. The high point on Sulfur Springs wasn’t that well defined so lucky I took one frame. Lol. Front country trails are sometimes like that. A lot of pine forest and a pleasant hike done by noon before things got too busy.
Along the Elbow RiverAlong the Elbow RiverIf there is a bear around, by all means stop and warn othersWest from RiverviewThe viewpoint -- Prairie and Nihahi RidgeOmNOmnomLunch break - mapping the returnOh, it's Paddy-O-Trail !