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2021-09-04 | Mt Lougheed | 3112 max | 1733 TH | 13.6km | 1666 TA | w/ Peter & David

To non-scramblers, this is a big skyline peak on the east side of the Smith Dorrien Highway, clearly visible (and even signed with one of those arrows) from the TransCanada Highway. To Scramblers this is “Lougheed 2” as the mastiff has a total of three scramble-able peaks (this being the highest), four if you count Wind – which the whole mountain was named before adding the Lougheed bit. A few years ago it seemed everyone was climbing these – so now there is a reasonably well defined “trail” to the top with a few minor waypoints to note on the way up to make coming down as pain free as possible. I nearly took the wrong way up (used as part of the way down) as it was quite well defined in the scree. Spencer creek, the approach, has a cool little section of mossy stream, higher up it gives way to alpine meadows and finally a scree and slab ascent. The views from the top were outstanding with Peter able to point out the Good Sir Towers far off in the distance. We soaked up the views and had a second breakfast before descending to the meadows for third breakfast in a sunny spot of the meadows. We were going to bypass the busy downtown core of Canmore, but instead rescued a couple stranded wedding party members from the dusty road and dropped them back at the hall. Thankfully David was shotgun with his phone to navigate and after the scenic drive in part of Canmore we got on the highway home with a small bit of good karma to spend in the future.
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