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Created 7-Feb-14
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2014.01.19 | Sawmill trail snowshoeing | 2164m | 7.2km | 331m rolling gain

Supposed to be a Venturer outing, apparently they all wanted to study for exams (skeptical face) so it was Mark, Andrea & I who decided to go regardless. We set out for Chester Lake, took to hard a right, and after a short distance on the Sawmill trail system, upon discovering our wrong turn, decided to carry on. Not as scenic as Chester lake but a good outing regardless.

Moved on from there to check out the Avalanche Awareness days and got to see an avy rescue dog demonstration, an airbag demo, a quinzee and a bunch of other stuff that the presenters had prepared at various stations. Educational plus a free hotdog and hot chocolate. Now, if Mark hadn't locked the keys in the van.... we wouldn't have seen the moose! Haha!!