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Created 16-Jan-19
Modified 20-Jan-19
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2019-01-05 | Rawson Lake (snowshoe) | 2011 Max | 1728 TH | 7.5km | 330 TA | w/ Jason Clark

Rawson Lake is a great snowshoe but especially when the avy risk is high and there isn't much snow any where else. There was a decent amount of snow to play in and mild temps (for January). We had lunch at the lake but stayed off the ice. Its been mild so who knows how thick, and with avy conditions high that's as far as it's safe to go anyway. Little for wildlife except for some woodpeckers on the way down. Super day getting out with Jason to the mountains.
Bunny tracksDown the trail toward Rawson lake on the south shore of Upper Kananaskis LakeMt Lyautey (I think)Mt Putnik (I think)Opal RangeJason on the trailMt SarrailOpen water in the outlet stream from Rawson LakeMt Sarrail from the outlet streamSnowy pillows along the streamMt Sarrail from the outlet streamLooking out toward Mt Putnik on return